Ivan Anishchuk

Backend Software Development Ninja (Python/Django)

Pythonista virtuozzo, rock star backend programmer, devops mastermind, crypto enthusiast, super-cool guy in real life and natural leader of the nerds. That's all me. (Did I mention that I'm also very modest?)
I have a separate page linked below for more work-related details and here I'd rather explain my attitude towards technical matters in general. I've been using desktop Linux and coding Python since 2005 and were earning money before the modern IT industry started properly existing. Last few years I mostly do backends and REST API services with FastAPI and Django, but will consider all things pythonic and have very diverse experience.
People recently started asking me about politics and I'm going to leave a few words here so that I don't have to repeat myself often. I'm a person of mixed ancestry (my surname is Ukrainian and I come from a long line of rebel scum, political exiles, and other involuntarily relocatees), I was born in Soviet Union (which wasn't nice), raised in Russia (which was even worse but I survived), although I'm still a citizen I stopped considering that country my home after 2014 and have been leading a nomadic lifestyle since. Got no home, no country, no flag, no family, even my parents and the only remaining sibling are not currently on speaking terms with me, my community is mostly fellow travelers and I usually speak English. I stand with Ukraine, currently stay in Sakartvelo (aka Georgia the country). I'm not a fighter and not a politician, I work for a living, and all I really want is peace and freedom. Слава Україні! Жыве Беларусь! საქართველოს გაუმარჯოს!
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